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Double Rosewood Piano Bench

Mahogany Polish Height Adjustable Double Piano Bench

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Twin Adjusting Piano Stool in Mahogany Polish.

A large, double height adjustable piano stool with twin adjusting seats that can be set to different heights either side. This mahogany polished piano stool is topped with comfortable, hard wearing velour fabric, making it both extremely comfortable and stylish. The mahogany polished frame and winding handles are made from top quality maple, giving the piano stool a remarkable construction and beauty. Whether you are buying it to help teach or learn the piano or whether you want to create a bond between friends and family through musical duets, this double piano stool is the best choice for you. This mahogany polished piano stool will furnish any home perfectly and is the perfect compliment for any grand or upright piano.

Perfect for a student/teacher environment and is great for piano duets.


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