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Danemann of London Used Upright Piano
Danemann Used Upright Piano
Danemann of London Second Hand Upright Piano
Danemann Second Hand Upright Piano

Danemann Upright Piano

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This Danemann of London Upright Piano is a very nice looking and playing piano. It is clear from it's design and construction that it has been made with durability and musicality in mind.

Danemann have always been an easy piano to work on and as a result the piano will always play well and respond to any adjustments we may have to perform, and in return the pianos are always very nice to play. 

This Danemann Upright Piano, in rosewood finish with arts and crafts period architectural features and inlays, is a beautifully made piano, it produces beautiful clear tonality - this Danemann piano will easily take a student well beyond the grade five level. 

This Danemann Upright Piano is an refurbished piano from our used piano range.

    Piano Dimensions - Height: 130cm / Width:149cm / Depth: 63cm

    Features found in the Danemann piano

    • under dampened action and cross (over strung) construction
    • arts and crafts cabinet design
    • refurbished action and cabinet
    • made by master craftsmen
    • plays to a very high standard

    Come in and play this or any of the other pianos in our complete piano range, we have pianos for all budgets and playing standards. Bring some sheet music and take your time to choose a piano that is perfect for you.  

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    Warranty Information

    Free ground floor delivery mainland UK 

    3 year Buy Back Plan