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Yamaha Piano Models

Yamaha pianos remains one of the most impressive brands of piano to date, with their extremely competitive quality due to their sound, their responsive action and their beautiful cabinets.


Torakusu Yamaha
Mr Torakusu Yamaha


The Yamaha Corporation - originally called Nippon Gakki or "Japan Musical Instruments" - began in 1887 when Torakusu Yamaha repaired his first reed organ, realising the potential in the market whilst doing so. Since then, the company has gone through two world wars, many changes and has grown to be one of the greatest piano companies in the world.

This page details Yamaha's various models of piano that have made themselves so distinct from other pianos over decades.


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Upright Pianos

Yamaha SU Series   

Yamaha SE Series 

Yamaha YUS Series

Yamaha U Series

Yamaha P Series

Yamaha b Series


Grand Pianos

Yamaha CF Series

Yamaha SX Series

Yamaha C3 Studio

Yamaha GB1K

Yamaha GC Series

Yamaha CX Series