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Peter Sadler-Eastwood - Piano Technician


Peter Sadler-Eastwood is an experienced piano technician and has a wealth of knowledge from piano restoration to tuning any variety of piano. Peter works in the workshop on a wide range of pianos and can also be called to your doorstep if you need your piano tuning.

Peter was originally a customer of ours who hired a piano for his wedding. This is what sparked his interest in the business. Eventually, Peter joined the team at Shackleford Pianos.

In the past, Peter has worked on pianos in many different schools which further extended his experience with pianos.

During his spare time, Peter enjoys playing the piano. He loves pianos so much, he bought one from Shackleford Pianos after working for the company for only one month.

If you need your piano tuning, restored or fixed, Peter is happy to help.