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Feurich Piano Manufacturing

Feurich Piano Manufacturing

Feurich Piano Sales Feurich Piano History Feurich Distribution
Feurich Piano Sales Feurich Piano History Feurich Distribution

FEURICH Pianos are made within their own production line in Chen Hailun's highly modern, CNC-machine-equipped piano plant in Ningbo, China. The piano manufacturing plant is under Austrian supervison so does not fall under European standards.

The outstanding quality, controlled according to very specific criteria determined by FEURICH's own team of experts. This type of collaboration has not been possible for most of the big piano factories and allows Feurich to keep the costs down for their customers for a luxury item. Hailun Piano is an 'in demand' component supplier for numerous piano brands. In 2012 it was the first piano company in China to be listed on the stock market. Because of it's dedicated team of experts FEURICH has created many evolutionary and innovative instruments and additional components such as the silent system that will be recognised as far superior to Yamaha.

This combination of expertise in both the traditional and modern way of piano building enables creative and new methods in all areas of production. The optimal implementation of high-tech-machines, indispensable mastery and quality control determine the highest in quality and allows the best of both worlds.

The expertiese does not finish in the factory. Shackleford Pianos was proud to have Sibin Zlatkovic from Feurich's team of voicing experts join us for a few days to teach our technicians how to prepare the Feurich to reach it's maximum potential and also how to install the Feurich silent system.

 Feurich Factory in Ningbo Feurich String Manufacturing   Manufacturing Feurich Grands
Feurich Factory in Ningbo Feurich String Manufacturing Manufacturing | Grands

Feurich Silent System

There are many silent systems on the market today, but none of them offer the touch and tone response that the Feurich silent system offers. With most pianos the silencer system replaces the practice pedal system that is found in nearly all upright pianos fitted with a third pedal. With the Feurich system, the silent mechanism is activated by hand, not by the third pedal, so any Feurich piano fitted with a silent system also has a practice pedal, giving you the option of completely silent practice, (requiring the use of the supplied headphones) or practice where the volume is halved.

With other silent systems the action in the piano has to be adjusted to feel quite sluggish and with slow response to compensate for the silent system being fitted. The Feurich system barely affects the playability of the piano, with minimal changes to the touch weight or response.

The Feurich Silent System is also beautifully compact, and when it is not in use hidden under the key bed of the piano. When in use it is easy to control and easy to understand, so there is no need for a degree in computer science to be able to use it!

The Feurich silent system is a beautiful addition for any piano and will greatly enhance your piano playing enjoyment. Contact us today to find out more about the Feurich Silent System.

Feurich Pedal Harmonique

The 4th Pedal - "Pédale Harmonique"

For the first time since the invention of the sostenuto pedal, there is a new pedal, the Harmonic Pedal offering an increased spectrum of expressive sound-colours to the modern acoustic piano.


"Pédale Harmonique" - 3 features, 1 pedal

Classical damper pedal

"Harmonic Resonance" - the trademark sound of the Harmonic Pedal

Sostenuto pedal


Pedal fully pressed: On key release, the notes are not dampened, as in the classical damper pedal.

Pedal half pressed: All dampers are raised from the strings. Only dampers associated with released keys return to strings of those notes alone. When the Harmonic Pedal is half pressed - all strings associated with un-played notes remain un-dampened, allowing for the first time their "sympathetic" harmonic relationship to played notes to be clearly heard and importantly, precisely controlled.

The Harmonic Pedal is simple to use for pianists of all levels of experience to buy one please click here.


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