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Feurich Piano History

Feurich Piano History

Feurich Piano Design Feurich Piano Factory Feurich Piano History
Feurich Piano Design Feurich Piano Factory Feurich Piano History

In 1851 Julius Gustav Feurich founded Feurich pianos at Angerstrasse 38 in the famous German piano making city of Leipzig. The Feurich family has a history that was and still is steeped in harpsichord and musical instrument making, although today Feurich's main aim is the design and production of some of the finest quality pianos in the world.

From the start Julius Feurich was particularly forward thinking in his concepts and designs for the types of pianos he was to manufacture. Feurich took into consideration the pianist, (those who play the piano) the listener, (those who have to listen to the piano) and the piano tuner / technician, (those who have to maintain the pianos - the person most piano makers forget!) From the very start of production Feurich pianos upright models had superior tonal qualities and were far more resonant for their size than any other make of piano. This was due to Feurich's superior bridge design, (where the stings vibration is transferred into the sound board,) scale design, (how the strings tension is determined,) and soundboard construction, (the part of the piano that resonates.) Add to this Feurich upright pianos were supplied with an underdamper styled action, the same style piano action as used in pianos today. Most other German piano makers took up this then modern piano innovation around 50 years later. Feurich was also one of the first piano makers to design and make 'ship' pianos - these are pianos that have a keyboard that can fold up out of the way when the piano isn't in use, minimising the size of the piano when situated in a small space.

 Historic Feurich Grand Piano Antique Feurich Advertising   Historic Feurich Piano
Historic Feurich Grand Piano Antique Feurich Advertising Historic Feurich Piano

The Feurich piano enterprise grew rapidly and at the turn of the twentieth century the company would boast a huge factory with 360 workers producing 1200 uprights and 600 grands annually, and the piano were shipped all over the world where the company had gained a reputation for making some of the worlds finest pianos.

The Feurich piano factory was complete with a concert hall where famous pianists of the day delivered performances on Feurich pianos to large appreciative audiences. Sadly, during the Second World War Feurich pianos manufacturing plant was completely destroyed - a fate suffered by many of the piano makers in Germany as their factory's were superior in size, technology and output, and had been employed by Hitler's Germany in the manufacture of weaponry, making them a prime target for the allies aerial bombing raids.

In the 1950's Feurich pianos relaunched, endeavouring to rebuild the company's former world-class piano making reputation. However, the partitioning of Eastern Germany by the USSR made this situation increasingly frustrating, as the sourcing of traditional piano making craftsmanship, parts and materials was often difficult at the time due to the regions policy to divert materials and workforce into heavy industry. In December 1959, the company was expropriated by the communist regime and in such circumstances the business naturally fell into decline.

Julius Hermann of the fourth generation of the Feurich piano making family decided to defect for West Germany. Here he set up a new home for Feurich pianos at a production complex in Langlau, Middle-Franconia, Bavaria. From then on, the enterprise re-established the firm business foundations it had in achieved the pre-war years.

Since 1993, the company achieved full autonomy building a new state of the arts factory in Gunzenhausen, Middle-Franconia.

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