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Collection: PianoDisc Systems

PianoDisc are the leading manufacturers of self-play piano systems. The IQ Intelligent Player System and Quiet Time Magic Star are amongst the worlds smartest reproducing systems. Enjoy performances from your favourite composers, selected from one of the largest music libraries in the world.

Shackleford Pianos is able to order and install the PianoDisc system into virtually any piano. Whether you have a grand or an upright piano and whether it's brand new or reconditioned, there is a PianoDisc system to suit. 


PianoDisc Systems

IQ Intelligent Player System


PianoDisc system IQ Intelligent Player System

The IQ Intelligent Player System is operated by any external music player such as an iPod, MP3 or Android device, making it very easy to operate. Music played by the piano can be controlled in the same way as any piece of music on your smart phone or device. Play, pause and volume control functions can all be operated at the touch of a button from your smart phone.

  • Seamless Integration

The IQ Intelligent Player System is completely undetectable once installed and is operated by a small WiFi router mounted underneath the piano, which constantly communicates with your mobile device.

  • Music Catalogue

The IQ Intelligent Player System can entertain in style, with music from every genre avaiable at your fingertips, compiled into one of the biggest music catalogues in the world.

  • Amazing Features

There are many amazing features which can be integrated into PianoDisk to create a completely bespoke system. This includes thousands of apps which are compatible with the IQ Intelligent Player System, so there is no limit to your creativity! ProRecord & the ProRecord App for example allow you to create your own recordings. Learn to play, create, record and playback beautiful music.

It is also possible to completely mute the piano for silent practice with the use of headphones. This is ideal for educational institutions and classroom lessons for example and also great for public organisations using a sound system, who are able to relay the ProRecord outputs.

The IQ Intelligent Player System comes with a full five year warranty.


QuietTime Magic Star

PianoDisc Systems QuietTime Magic Star

The QuietTime silent kit is a complete silent system that can be built into almost any piano retrospectively. It allows the piano to play in mute with the use of headphones. A sensor bar is installed under the keys and with a full 88 sensors the movement of every single key is measured. The kit also comes with a mute rail which stops the hammers hitting the strings.

A full technical specification on all the PianoDisc systems can be found on their website

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