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Collection: Bosendorfer Piano Technical Aspects


Bosendorfer Technical Aspects


Vienna, 1850s: Ignaz and Ludwig Bösendorfer gear all their passion and know how towards building the most advanced grand of their time that shall represent Vienna’s culture and appreciation of piano music. They elaborate and develop upon the feedback and influence of world famous composers and leading artists of their times. Father and son, both not only skilled in the master craftsmanship of piano building but dedicated to music and artists from the start. 


Bosendorfer Sound: Handcrafted Sound

Handcrafted Sound

Tender, playful, suddenly heroic and brilliant: the expression of art knows no limits and transcends black and white categorisation. It is for a reason that the grand piano is often referred to as being a magical instruments. The famous Bösendorfer Sound – its sonorous and warm bass, angelic and brilliant in descant, a breath-taking spectrum of colours within the middle range – is our trademark. The sound symbiosis of artistic play and technical refinement is destined to excite the audience. Their entire devotion and absolute passion for music have led us to perfecting every precious detail of each Bösendorfer Grand. Dynamic sound crafting for nearly two centuries.


Dedicated Refinement: Human Touch

Bosendorfer Dedicated Refinement


Music is as old as the human spirit and resonates with us like nothing else. Without the human touch, a grand piano would instead be silent furniture. The dedication of our Bösendorfer Artisans – every day – is reflected not only within the aesthetics of every Bösendorfer Grand but also in the ultimate piano sound. Technical sophistication and human emotion resonate together in the master craftsmanship of piano manufacturing. 

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