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Yamaha DC3 Disklavier
Yamaha DC3 Disklavier
Yamaha DC3 Disklavier
Yamaha DC3 Disklavier
Yamaha DC3 Disklavier
Yamaha DC3 Disklavier
Yamaha DC3 Disklavier

Yamaha DC3 Disklavier

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Yamaha DC3 Disklavier Mark IV Grand Piano is fully made in Japan and meets the high standards that the Made in Japan range of Yamaha pianos has become famous for. 

This Yamaha DC3 Disklavier Used Grand Piano is a professional size grand piano that produces very high standards of sound and performance.

The Mark IV is fitted with a number of Yamaha technical innovations that are superior to other piano player and recording systems. Especially noteworthy is the design of the hammer sensors which are fitted with the revolutionary grayscale sensors, that enable continuous monitoring of hammer position.

The Mark IV PRO models records keys, hammers, and pedals with extraordinary precision with a recording and playback spectrum of 127 values - and includes the una corda and sustain pedals. The Mark IV additionally records the pianos key release velocity.

This Yamaha DC3 piano comes complete with the following features

  • A wireless controller that connects to the Mark IV over a private wi-fi network.
  • An Ethernet port that connects the Disklavier to the Internet so that it can receive streaming performances from DisklavierRadio™. This network capability also provides access to firmware and feature upgrades. (Many years later, this connectivity feature made it possible for the instrument to receive RemoteLive broadcasts from DisklavierTV™.)
  • Internal, 80GB hard drive.
  • UBS port for connecting USB storage media, such as flash drives.
  • USB port for MIDI communications.
  • Top section of the piano is strung using duplex scaling
  • Bass and middle sections are strung using full agraffe systems
  • Playing action is fitted with Yamaha playing action
  • Soft close fall board
  • 4 position music desk
  • 3 position music lid prop
  • Piano is fitted with middle sustenuto pedal


      Piano Dimensions - Height: 186cm / Width: 149cm / Depth: 101cm

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