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Blüthner Model 11 used baby grand piano
Blüthner Model 11 used baby grand
Blüthner Model 11 used grand piano
Blüthner Model 11 seconhand baby grand piano
Blüthner used baby grand piano
Blüthner Secondhand baby grand piano

Blüthner Model 11 Baby Grand

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Blüthner Model 11 baby Grand Piano in eye catching, highly decorative German walnut, With eye catching original architectural features is a beautiful piece of furniture as it is a musical instrument.

This Blüthner Model 11 Grand Piano will be fully restored piano and in our opinion, is one of finest baby sized grand pianos ever made, this is due to Blüthner's soundboard design and how the bridges are incorporated into the piano design. The result is a mid sized grand piano that produces a beautiful big sound that rivals much bigger pianos. This Bluthner Model 11 is fitted with a modern Renner action, the type of action that can be found in all top quality German pianos today, such as Bluthner, Bechstein, Steingraeber and Sauter to name a few.

The Bluthner Model 11 is baby sized grand piano that produces tone and volume far bigger than it's physical size. This is a perfect piano for a serious pianist looking for a quality piano in a smaller size.

The proportions of this grand piano have been care­fully planned to assure exhilarating performance in an efficient design. Bluthner Model 11 is the favorite piano for smaller music rooms, and intimate venues alike. 

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    Piano Dimensions - Length: 153cm  |  Width:148cm  |  Height 100cm

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